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After the festive holidays, it’s the time of the year again for entrepreneurs. As the new year starts, so as the need to file taxes and of course, renew business permits. The annual business permit renewal is mandatory for all registered enterprises. So, no matter how meticulous it is to process in the Philippines, you just have to bear with it.

All businesses with issued permits last year have to renew with the same local government unit (LGU) that has jurisdiction over the office location. With the deadline just around the corner, you only have a few days left before January 20th.

At IDO Consultancy and Business Support, we understand that your time is precious. Lining up at your Municipal Hall just to renew your licenses can take hours or even days. Who has the time to spare for that when you should be focusing on running and growing your business?

No more inconvenient long lines. Never miss the deadline. Avoid fines, penalties, and the risk of the prohibition of business operations. Avail the business permit renewal package of IDO Consultancy and Business Support, Inc. today.

Secure renewal of your business permit. Ensure business continuity and smooth business operations.

It’s not too late. Renew your business permit with us. Avoid the rush and the yearly hassle.

Our consultants would be glad to assist you with renewing your business permit.


If you encounter any trouble or have concerns regarding the process of renewing your business permits, feel free to give us a call, so our experienced consultants can assist you further without the hassle on your part.

Steer clear from the hustle and bustle of business permit renewal. No need to worry about late filing and penalties. Our consultants can do the legwork for you, so your business can continue to operate legally.

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