Xero Accounting

Whether you have a small business or a large organization to manage finances, from maintaining books to staying on top of the cash flow, the need for an efficient and simple accounting system is inevitable. With the advent of cloud-based accounting software, gone are the days of old-fashioned manual accounting and even computer-based accounting systems.

As an outsourced accounting and finance firm, IDO Consultancy and Business Support, Inc. employs Xero Accounting across our services offered. We help businesses set up and transition from manual to automated smart online accounting within the Philippines.


Xero Accounting is online accounting software that delivers high integrity accounting, is accessible and easy to collaborate with through cloud accounting, and offers protection for financial information through its multiple layers of security.

Manage your numbers without the fuss anywhere you are, anytime you want.

Running every aspect of your business through a simple, secure online accounting system has never been easier with Xero Accounting. Have a comprehensive smart solution for your business by simply adding apps.


Streamlining accounting processes and making them more straightforward


Implementing robust internal controls, conducting regular audits


We ensure that financial information is available and understandable to all stakeholders.

Real-Time Information

Dashboard provide a real-time overview of financial performance, including key metrics


Within your fingertips, you can have virtual real-time access to your financial information through any internet-connected device. There’s no need to wait for a month for bank statements to come in or go through countless transactions on your online banking website when Xero Accounting has made it accessible for you. Bank transactions are imported and coded as they come in, resulting in more convenient tracking of everything from payments, receivables, and transactions.

Now, you can conveniently check on any financial data you need, making cash flow management a breeze and keeping any concerns or delays at bay or already addressed before they blow out of proportion. With real-life insights about the company’s finances, the management can take immediate decisions and strategies towards product or service profitability.


All features of Xero Accounting are specifically designed to manage the financial operations of any business effectively. With a fully functional automated system, every purchase order, quote, bill, and sales invoice are system generated and delivered electronically within the platform.

Collaborate straightforwardly and securely among your team, accountant, and bookkeeper using the accounting software. With online accounting to handle your finances systematically, increasing efficiency, as well as cost-effectiveness, comes as a result.


With 700+ integrations with other programs and software systems, Xero Accounting makes running any business seamless. Being compatible with a lot of other software systems, such as inventory, time tracking, payroll, and expenses processing, to name a few, is a boon for small business owners.


With its online networking capabilities, you can manage specific advanced operating tasks like payroll or point-of-sale inventory using its add on solutions system available on the platform. With the chosen add on product, the company data stays up-to-date, and data entry is simplified and becomes efficient across departments.


With simplified accounting terms, an automated accounting system, and an intuitive interface, any business owner can stay on top of their company’s numbers using Xero Accounting. You don’t have to be an accounting expert to understand and use the software efficiently. As a user-friendly and collaborative cloud-based accounting software, it streamlines processes, giving you more time to focus on your business’ core competencies.

It has customizable dashboards, sales review, invoicing templates, and other features that allow you to create quotes, access client portal, manage contacts, track expenses, reconcile your accounts, run reports, and so much more.


Protected with multiple layers of security, including industry-standard data encryption and secure data centers, Xero Accounting keeps your financial as well as client data safe. With two-step authentication, your account has another added security measure.

You can set up and control the level of your staff’s access. With an automatic backup and synchronized cloud storage, every company data you store on it remains safe and protected. You can put your confidence in the level of security this software has.

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