Who We Are

Your reliable partner for your company’s sustainable growth

We provide high quality and reliable accounting services, tax compliance, business registration, payroll, accounts payable processing, internal audit, HR management, financial and management reports, and other related administrative assistance.

  • Rendering accounting, bookkeeping, and tax services that conform to the latest accounting standards and tax regulations
  • Assisting micro to small-medium enterprises, self-employed individuals, partnerships, and domestic and foreign corporations
  • Efficiently managing finances and administrative tasks for our clients for their peace of mind
  • Offering exceptional accounting and administrative services using innovative technology at a competitive cost
  • Developing coherent and cost-effective business solutions tailored to the client’s unique business requirements


Helping clients achieve sustainable growth by providing up-to-date and transparent financial information vital for decisionmaking

Professional Team

A competent team of accountants, bookkeepers, and tax experts who are dedicated to providing professional, transparent, and result-oriented accounting and administrative services

Xero Accounting

Modern technology employed for efficient and accessible accounting. Manage financial records anywhere you are.

Local and Global-Scale

Helping clients comply with local tax and government laws as we strive for excellence not just for local but in a promising global-scale

Our Services

Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

From preparation to the maintenance of day-to-day bookkeeping, reconciliation of accounts, and closing of books, See more...we provide timely and accurate financial reporting requirements to our clients.
Tax Compliance

Tax Compliance

Tax compliance from preparation to payment, we guarantee your business would never miss any tax filing deadline as we optimize the taxation process.
Payroll Services

Payroll Services

With our outsourced payroll operations, compliance with compensation and taxation laws are secured and completed in a timely manner.
Accounts Payable Processing

Accounts Payable Processing

With streamlined accounts payable processing, the company has full confidence in every payment and disbursement made.
Business Startup Assistance

Business Startup Assistance

From planning to incorporation to registration to various government agencies, your business, no matter the scale and industry, See more...can have a smooth and complete setup on time with our professional assistance.
Internal Audit

Internal Audit

Increase internal control over your company’s operation by having a rigorous and regular internal auditing via our independent entity.
Financial Reporting

Financial Reporting

Plan and come up with more effective strategies and decisions using our prepared and submitted timely and relative financial information.
Accounting Setup

Accounting Setup

Efficient and organized accounting system setup for your company for better control and management
Staff Outsourcing

Staff Outsourcing Services

Our Manila-based staff provides extensive outsourcing services that allow the clients to have access to a dedicated team of expertss, department,See more... or processes specifically addressing the needs of the company. We offer viable solutions to your company as you maximize our resources through offshore outsourcing.
HR Management, Training and Personal Coaching

HR Management, Training and Personal Coaching

Develop your employees’ additional competency and skills in terms of HR management as we provide relative training and personal coaching.
Policies, Process Flow and Procedures

Policies, Process Flow, and Procedures Preparation

Have a well-organized, feasible, and productive working system that eliminates mistakes and guarantees smooth See more...operation by setting up policies, process flow, and procedures necessary for the organization.

``iDo it for you and your company.”

Why Partner With Us

Combined years of experience

With combined years of experience, we have extensive experience as well as the expertise in every aspect of accountancy, taxation, and management.

We utilize our breadth of experience as we manage, prepare, submit, and provide financial information, tax compliance, and administrative tasks at the highest standard. We aid in easing the pressures brought by globalization, accounting standards, tax regulations, tight competition, economic liberalization, and regulatory requirements as we take the load off the shoulders of the company. As a result, the company can focus on its core competencies put their confidence in IDO Consultancy and Business Support, Inc.

Technology empowered

Providing transparent, real-time, and customized services using relevant accounting technologies to suit the client’s budget, goals, and business strategies.

By utilizing an online accounting software and smart solutions to align with the company’s objectives, we guarantee to provide accounting, bookkeeping, tax compliance, and administrative functions that add value to your business’ growth.

A team of experts

We have a dedicated team of Certified Public Accounts (CPAs) accredited by the Philippine Board of Accountancy (BOA) and Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) to handle every account.

Your company will have a dedicated team of professionals who have extensive experience and expertise in the related field. We act as a collective, determined to achieve the set goals on the highest standards that we can provide.

As our company is client-focused, we ensure to foster a lasting relationship with our clients, which is built with trust and integrity. We want our clients to have full confidence in their financial records, so they can have a clear understanding of the company’s past and present performance, make necessary plans, execute corrective measures, and implement effective strategies for the company’s sustainable growth.


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Miriam Gray – regular customer

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Alex White – regular customer

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James Swift – regular customer

Our work speaks for the quality we provide.

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