About Us

IDO Consultancy and Business Support, Inc. takes responsibility for accounting, bookkeeping, tax compliance, and related administrative processes of our client’s business, no matter its size, sector, or industry, to help management focus on their core competency.

IDO Consultancy and Business Support Inc. was established on February 18, 2016. The company aims to be the foremost provider of financial and administrative services using cutting edge technology in the market at a competitive cost.


Our services offered include but not limited to the registration process of a business, the formation of a business, bookkeeping, tax, and regulatory compliance, selling of a cloud-based accounting system, administrative assistance to acquire accreditation with various government agencies, and securing of licenses and permits.

Our vision

To be the most trusted partner in providing the highest quality outsourced financial and administrative services.

Our mission

The Company aims to be a reliable client-focused and service-oriented provider of exceptional services related to bookkeeping, tax and regulatory compliance, payroll, and other administrative functions, allowing the clients to concentrate on their core businesses.

We perform every service with the utmost level of professionalism, integrity, and transparency by using Xero Accounting and smart technology. As we understand each client’s unique business requirements, we provide custom-tailored services and business solutions to further its sustainable growth.

It is our pride to have a team of professionals who are competent, well-adept to technology, and the latest accounting policies and tax regulations. We aim to continuously undergo training and develop our team’s skills to provide unrivaled services.

Our experience

Financial Services 95%
Business Services 96%

Our Values


Our company has an uncompromising commitment to providing exceptional quality for our internal business processes services at all cost, professionalism, and client-focus. This commitment serves as a reminder for us to do our best as we move forward to the pinnacle of success with our clients as the lifeblood of our company.


As we strive for excellence in all our services that we provide, we want to be our clients’ dependable partner. We seek a lasting relationship built with trust and integrity. We want our clients to have full confidence in us, as we provide nothing less than 100percent in every service we perform.


As we value our clients, we take full accountability for the quality, integrity, and timeliness of the services we render. As part of our obligation of helping our clients promote their financial growth, we ensure that the accounting information we provide will help them in their financial strategies and decisionmaking.

What We Do

IDO Consultancy and Business Support, Inc. is an established service provider of internal business processes, catering to all varieties of businesses, such as micro-enterprise, small-medium enterprises, sole proprietors, partnerships, and domestic and foreign corporations.

As a reliable outsourced service provider, we ensure accuracy, timely submission of all accounting requirements as well completion of professional services rendered using reliable and streamlined processes.

We can conduct accounting and bookkeeping services in our office or onsite.

We give our clients real-time and online access to their financial records through advanced accounting software, Xero Accounting. Monitoring their accounts has never been easier with the use of a laptop or smartphone connected in the internet network, anytime they want and no matter where they go. Gone are the days that everything has to be manual. With the advent of technology, we can provide up-to-date reporting as we collaborate with ease and security.

Who We Are

We have a dedicated and competent team of accountants, bookkeepers, and tax experts who can work with you to ensure your financial records and tax compliance are prepared and submitted in a timely manner.

We proudly present our exceptional team of experienced Accountants, dedicated to revolutionizing the financial landscape with unrivaled proficiency and unwavering commitment. With a collective wealth of knowledge and a passion for numbers, our team stands at the forefront of the accounting industry, prepared to navigate the complexities of finance and accounting with ease. Led by a shared vision of delivering excellence, our seasoned accountants have honed their skills over years of navigating diverse financial landscapes, emerging as masters of their craft. Their astute analytical minds, attention to detail, and unyielding dedication have earned them a reputation for providing insightful solutions that drive businesses toward prosperity. As the backbone of countless enterprises, our team recognizes that no financial challenges are alike. Tailoring our approach to fit the needs of each client, we forge long-lasting partnerships built on trust, transparency, and results. Whether managing financial statements, preparing tax returns, implementing robust accounting systems, or offering strategic financial advice, our experts have the knowledge and expertise to surpass expectations. We pride ourselves on staying ahead of the ever-evolving financial regulations and industry trends, equipping our team with the latest tools and technologies to deliver unmatched precision and efficiency. Combined with a relentless pursuit of excellence, this places us at the forefront of the accounting profession, positioning us to guide businesses toward financial success. Join us on this journey of financial enlightenment as we empower individuals and organizations alike to confidently navigate the complexities of accounting. Together, let’s unlock the true potential of your financial endeavors and build a future of prosperity, stability, and growth. Welcome to our team of experienced accountants – where your financial success is our ultimate mission.


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