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Starting up a small business in the Philippines doesn’t need to break the bank and send you at your wit’s end. If you’re one of the hopeful solopreneurs who want to delve into entrepreneurship, knowing in which category your would-be business falls into can make things easier for you in securing a business permit.

Check out if your business falls into micro business or enterprise category to qualify for Barangay Micro Business Enterprise (BMBE) registration. Take advantage of the incentives and other benefits, especially granted to micro business enterprises.

Here’s a quick guide about BMBE to shed light on your first step into entrepreneurship.


Under the BMBE law, a BMBE refers to “any business enterprise engaged in production, processing, or manufacturing of products, including agro-processing, as well as trading and services, with total assets of not more than P3 million. Such assets shall include those arising from loans but not the land on which the plant and equipment are located.”


Exceptions to BMBE Registration

Under the BMBE Law, however, a business or service provider in connection with the exercise of his or her profession, who is professionally duly licensed by the government after passing a government licensure examination (e.g., accountants, lawyers, doctors, etc.) is not eligible for registration.

A branch, subsidiary, division, or office of a wide-ranging enterprise as well as its policies and business modus operandi are not controlled by such enterprise or by the persons who don’t own or aren’t employed of said enterprise, is also excluded for BMBE registration as mandated by the DOF Department Order No. 17-04.



Knowing the following incentives and benefits of BMBE-registered can encourage you to take a step forward into entrepreneurship:

  • Taxes and fees exemption from the income derived from the operation of the enterprise — BMBEs are given the privilege by the LGUs for either reduced payment of or exemption from local taxes, fees, and charges;
  • Exemption from the Coverage of the Minimum Wage Law — Employees of BMBEs shall have the same entitled social security, healthcare benefits, and HMDF as regular employees.
  • Entitled to a special credit window set up by the following financial institutions: Land Bank of the Philippines (LBP), the Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP), the Small Business Guarantee and Finance Corporation (SBGFC), and the People’s Credit and Finance Corporation (PCFC) to help finance the startup of BMBE and serve as credit support;
  • Technology transfer, production and management training, and marketing assistance programs for BMBE recipients.


Any person, cooperative, or association that owns an enterprise that matches the qualifications of a BMBE may register or renew its registration with the Office of the Treasurer of the city or municipality that has the jurisdiction for the business.

Submit the following necessary documents to secure your business registration for BMBE:


Basic Requirements for New BMBE Application or Renewal of Registration

  • Duly filled out application form (BMBE Form 01) in three copies, signed
    by the owner or manager of the entity applying for registration; and,
  • Three passport size ID pictures.

Additional Requirements

  • For those with assets worth three hundred thousand pesos
    (P300,000) and less – Business registration from appropriate government agency and Mayor’s Permit
  • For those with assets worth more than three hundred thousand pesos (P300, 000) up to three million pesos (P3, 000,000.00) – For detailed list of requirements and streamlined professional assistance, contact IDO Consultancy and Business Support, Inc.

Additional requirements deemed necessary can be asked for new applicants as well as those who intended to renew their BMBE registration.


BMBE Registration Procedures

Here are the steps on how to register a BMBE:

  • Fill out a BMBE Form 01 in three copies and submit to the Office of the Municipality or City Treasurer that has jurisdiction on the business.
  • Wait for the evaluation of the Municipal or City Treasurer for the BMBE application. It shall take 15 working days to process the application upon receipt of complete documents.
  • Claim the Certificate of Authority that shows proof of BMBE registration.

The BMBE registration is valid up to two years and subject for renewal every two years.

BMBE can be your springboard to entrepreneural success. Get your small business certified without the hassle. For inquiries and professional assistance, contact IDO Consultancy and Business Support, Inc.


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