Services Offered

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Employing cloud-based general accounting, our clients can have easy access to end-to-end processes. Eliminating the need for stocks of files, we give you a more cost and time-efficient way for a record-keeping process that maintains accurate and current financial records and regular overview of the financial status of the company, anywhere you are and anytime you need.

IDO Consultancy and Business Support, Inc.conducts outsourced accounting and bookkeeping services through a process-focused program and solutions derived from the cloud accounting. As remote computer servers store, process, and maintain the financial information and documentation, the whole process eliminates unnecessary operating costs, reduces storage, and increases efficiency by switching to automated means and systems.

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As an outsourced accounting and finance company, we take pride in providing clear and timely financial reports to our clients all throughout the fiscal year, whether monthly, quarterly, or annual. More than just mere compliance with BIR or SEC, we ensure the company can make a sense out of the financial statements, resulting in a clear understanding of the company’s performance. This information will aid the management to strategize better and choose more suitable options to achieve company growth and prevent implementing the same ineffective procedures.

Our financial statements provide a well-detailed presentation of the company’s finances as well as an emphasis on areas the business needs careful attention. With our significant financial reports, our clients can evaluate with confidence the standing of their company.

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The tax return and filing obligations in the Philippines can be complicated and time-consuming for companies to deal with. As each business has different types of tax to file and pay, it can be overwhelming. Each financial year requires the filing of necessary business taxes while you stay up-to-date with new BIR tax rulings. Outsourcing tax return filings and compliance to IDO Consultancy and Business Support optimize your company’s taxation process, leaving the business more time and resources to focus on its day-to-day operation.

We understand the need for efficient and straightforward taxation compliance process that our clients are in need of. You have so much on your plate, and tax compliance is our expertise to deal with. As our company has extensive experience and up-to-date knowledge of local taxation laws, rulings, and regulation requirements, your company, whether it’s sole proprietor, partnership, or corporation, can take advantage of our streamlined taxation services.

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Nothing can outweigh the significant contribution the employees give to the company. As such, it is crucial to have accurate and timely salary payments at all times. With IDO Consultancy and Business Support, Inc., you can take advantage of expertly ran and controlled payroll process that takes away the pressure of committing any mistake.

From onboarding, salary computation, withholding taxes, filing BIR and mandatory contributions, statutory benefits and bonuses calculation, HR processes implementation, expense payments to integrating any changes or update on the Labor Code of the Philippines to the payroll system, we can take all the load to ensure an optimized payroll system is in place.

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Efficiently managing the company’s payable obligations in-house can be challenging. As the company grows, so as some functions of the organization. With tight competition to consider and the need to cut costs while striving to improve the products and services offered by the company, it’s about time to outsource accounts payable processing.

IDO Consultancy and Business Support, Inc. provides paper-less, accurate, timely, and automated accounts payable processing, covers and manages all accounts efficiently, implements tighter control procedures, and presents tailored solutions for areas that the company needs improvement. Charging at a competitive rate, we can take over your accounts payable operations while you save on the cost of hiring more employees.

We customize accounts payable processing to be aligned to your business’ strategic goals. We strictly adhere to regulatory norms, take data privacy and confidentiality seriously, help promote cost reduction, utilize the latest technology and procedures for up-to-date best practices, and communicate consistently for transparent, timely, and accurate completion of services.

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For new businesses, it is crucial to have an accounting system set up correctly and efficiently. With IDO Consultancy and Business Support, Inc., we don’t just help you set up an accounting system, from a good set of books to walk you through your first transactions. We make sure you have the knowledge and technical skills to use the accounting software efficiently and effectively and maintain the system. We conduct personal training, install Xero Accounting in the standalone computer or in a network environment, assist software users of the initial setup, and provide assistance in services that we can, such as accounting, accountants payable or payroll.

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With professionals who specialized in the establishment and registration of offices and parent companies in the Philippines, IDO Consultancy and Business Support, Inc. can provide professional assistance for business startup. We employ global strategy and implementation as we fulfill the services needed by the client in a systematic and immediate manner.

We pay attention to and handle every aspect of the incorporation of a company with urgency and importance, such as Philippine law, regulations, taxation, customs, etc. As startup businesses are susceptible to failures, we ensure to provide support, professional assistance, and guidance in order for the business to prosper.

From choosing the best business structure, business plan preparation, business registration, incorporation, accounting system setup, tax registration, and so on, we can be your partner in achieving success right from the start.

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Not just mere compliance to the law, regulations or trade representative body, an internal audit can be your company’s tool for improvement. With IDO Consultancy and Business Suport, Inc. to handle your company’s regular audit of financial accounts, your organization can verify as well as improve operating and risk management effectiveness, proactively seek control over its operations, enhance the company’s governance policies and procedures through our constant analysis of the business operations, and maintain its integrity.

We build an internal audit program tailored to the authorized system that allows us to perform constant and meticulous controls over the company’s operations. We demonstrate a high level of independent and unbiased view to achieve an objective insight that will add value to the organization.

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With clearly stated policies governing the company, feasible procedures to back them up, and systematic process flow to ensure compliance to a specific policy, a company can have a smooth operation as everyone involved in the hierarchy knows their responsibilities and how to do their part proactively. As policies are the anchor of the company, establishing them first-hand is crucial as the others are set to build the foundation from the ground up.

With the assistance of IDO Consultancy and Business Support, Inc., we can work hand-in-hand to set up the company’s policies, which are the framework for the organization, create process flow, which is the outline or overview of how to achieve the policy, and procedures, which are detailed steps and viable actions to delegate in the organization.

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As an integral part of any company, an efficient human resource department plays a vital role in harnessing as well as developing the employees’ abilities and skills. Without a sound HR department, the company can fall into a crumble. Investing in the growth of employees is also an investment for the company’s growth.

With this taken into consideration, IDO Consultancy and Business Support, Inc. provides human resource management in the Philippines, training, and personal coaching that can be practically applied in daily operations. We help improve the recruitment process in accordance with the company culture and regulations as we seek the most effective and amenable way for the organization to achieve its strategic goals.

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Consider offshore outsourcing when it comes to your company’s accounting needs. Outsource from IDO Consultancy and Business Support, Inc. to maximize our competent and motivated resources who highly specialize in labor-intensive accounting.

With our outsourced core competency in accounting, your company can focus on your operations and clients, guarantee best practices, increase flexibility, reduce fix cost, and adjust seasonal staffing requirements. Leverage the accounting aspect through our firm, and reap more benefits for your company.

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